segunda-feira, 27 de setembro de 2010

Number seven

Guys, Sorry about the lack of postings... There are some periods in life that you have to dedicate to your family, full time...
Ok, this piece I did for Syd Mead's contest on CGsociety. Didn't win, but I liked the result. I hope I have something really new for next month. Keep tunned...cheers

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Anônimo disse...

E aí Galdino...blz?

Orra, parabéns pelo trabalho, mto bem acabado e mto inspirador tbm.
Vc já viu meu blog? Qdo der, vá lá e critique bastante.

Keep us updated my friend.
Marcelo Figueiredo.

Rodox disse...


Thamer disse...

GALdino! you are doing it real Big! I LOVE IT ma BOY!!!