sexta-feira, 11 de julho de 2008

one more flying rat rod...

Another one... There's a brand mistake in this one. For those who are car designer or just enthusiasts, try to find it. .... I'll fix that later>>>

The Flying Rats

Hi everyone !!
Ok, the first shot . The first of a series of a hot rods that I 've created for a friends book that will be release on August. The book is about Hot Rod design, so I was invited to create my own hot rod vision, so no wheels this time!! The Flying Rats were assebled by 3 bored former NASA engineers in the year of 2039. As old Hot Rod race lovers and advanced starship builders, they decided to mix these 2 passions assembling floating speed machines from scratch of old aircrafts and classic cars from the 20th century...
I hope you like it